In 2021, Optima moved to an Employee Stock Owned Program, making all our employees shareholders and owners of the company.  At the helm of this decision was Keith Pehl, he wanted to create a long-term financial gain for those that have contributed to the success of Optima.

Joining the Optima team, you’ll find a diverse group of folks that are dedicated, hard-working and talented team members. However, we believe in the importance of work-life balance so we take time throughout the year to enjoy fellowship among each other and with our families.  We have many events, outings and company trips to be sure we enjoy life, our families and friends to the fullest.

Our Values

Our values are rooted deeply in the basic principles of Honesty and Integrity.  We have a duty to our clients of Responsibility and Accountability in every project, client interaction, internal meetings, and deliverables.  We instill in our team them importance of the Continuous Search for Excellence and Innovation because we never grow old of the Pursuit of Knowledge and Growth.  We encourage a culture of Compassion and Consideration for each other and throughout our communities.  But above all else we have a Commitment to our Staff and Clients to provide an environment that is respectful, collaborative, balanced and rewards hard work and success.

Discover the Benefits

We offer a variety of affordable and comprehensive medical, dental, vision, and long-term and short-term disability plans.  Paid-Time-Off is important!  We know that so we offer a generous PTO rollover of hours, so you aren’t losing time you’ve accrued. We also offer paid Family Leave for qualifying life events.

We want our team to know we value what they bring to the table.  We offer competitive salaries with opportunities for bonuses throughout the year.  We pride ourselves on providing various options for employees and their long-term financial security and retirement.  We offer Profit Sharing & Safe Harbor 401K contributions, as well as company-wide annual shares distributions as part of our ESOP company structure.

Continued Pursuit of Excellence and Innovation as well as Pursuit of Knowledge and Growth are core values at Optima.  We ensure all our employees are given opportunities to better themselves professionally and grow their skill sets. We provide ongoing internal and external Professional Development opportunities as well as Tuition Reimbursement for continued education that will help you grow with Optima.

But what’s the fun of work if you can’t enjoy life too, right?  We take work-life balance seriously.  We have number of company and client events, team building outings, and family trips and gatherings.  We also offer flexible hours and work-from-home options.

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