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We know that high performance and sustainable buildings are not just about being green – but also about saving green. The most crucial element of sustainable design is good planning at the very beginning of every project.  At its infancy, there was a large misconception that Sustainable and Green designs were costly to the developer or owner.  However, if determined and identified in early design concepts and stations there is less of a financial expense to the owner.

Sustainable buildings save the owners money, lowers the impact on the environment, and it provides a more resilient building in the future.

We have more experience in renewable, sustainable and resilient design than any other firm in the Southeastern United States.

Optima is also recognized as a leader in Net Zero Energy building design, we have been at the forefront of designs for these projects since 2006 and designed most of the registered Net Zero Energy buildings in the Carolinas.

We are trailblazers – having learned from our journey designing and installing our own solar PV system and solar thermal office space – which was the first in Charlotte to receive a LEED platinum certification for its interiors – and designing the first Net Zero Energy building in the Carolinas – Sandy Grove School Middle School – a building that has been tied for the most power produced per square foot for all Net Zero Energy buildings in the country.

Our expertise includes:

  • Net Zero Energy
  • Solar PV
  • Geothermal
  • Solar Thermal
  • EV Charging Stations
  • WELL & LEED buildings

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