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Recent data shows that more than 60% of major capital programs fail to meet cost and schedule targets, 30% of construction cost is rework, and 55% of maintenance remains reactive, BIM (Building Information Modeling) and VDC (Virtual Design Construction) are two additional services we provide to increase project construction efficiency and reduce costly delays, change orders and rework.


Benefits of BIM include ─ but are not limited to ─ radically reducing building construction costs, rework, project duration, and claims litigation, as well accelerating the decision-making process through the dynamic and multi-disciplinary enhancement of visualization capabilities.

Still, less than half of civil engineering, construction, and structural engineering companies offer BIM or VDC Services.

VDC (Virtual Design and Construction), a BIM Coordination service that brings BIM to life with clash detection, quality control checks, and other vital insights powered by Navisworks software.

None offer either quite like Optima. With our highly synergetic and close-knit team, we have consistent real-time collaboration ─ whether at the office or at the project site ─ utilizing cutting-edge 3D digital representations facilitated on open cloud platforms.

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